Did You Know?

“Vape” was the most used new word in 2012 and the trend has been growing since.

The term Vape or Vaporizer refers to two very different types of devices the first one being the:

Cannabis Vape

  • Dry herb (in other words: loose-leaf/ herbal/weed/ground herbs) vaporizer
  • Wax (in other words: concentrates/oil) vaporizer

Dry herb vaping is heating up the herbs to a point that lets the flavors and aromas escape without combustion. And Wax is a form of the herb that is made by pressing the herb and creating a waxy, very condensed oil form.

Dry herb vaporizers have a heating chamber, think of a mini oven. Often, dry herb vaporizers can be used as wax vaporizers as well.

If you use a wax vaporizer with dry herbs, you might combust the herbs quickly, but you get an ePipe kind of functionality.

The second type of vape is the:

E-Liquid Vape

Also known as eLiquid vaporizer

This kind of vaporizer uses eJuice/eLiquid that is an oil made from Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Properol Glycerin (PG).

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