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Product Ratings

Price: $184.99

Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.7 x 1 inches


  • dry herb

Heating time: 30 seconds

Heating Technology:

  • Conduction

Materials Used:

  • aluminum outer shell
  • ceramic heating element
  • stainless steel oven
  • glass mouthpiece

Ease of Use:

Fill the bottom of the glass tube with herb, insert it into the heating chamber. Turn the unit on by holding down the menu button and the up button simultaneously. With the up/down button, you can set the temperature incrementally. Once the set temperature is reached you can start inhaling.

  • Incremental Temp Control
  • Display


  • 10-15 sessions
  • No Removable Battery


2 Years Limited Warranty

Vapor Production: Great

Best Accessory:

The SOLO II comes included with a short(90mm) and a long(110mm) glass aroma tube.

Overall Rating: 8.7