Airvape X dry herb vape

There are best dry herb vapes, and better heating methods for each ocasion. Dry herb vaporizers come in two varieties: portable and desktop.

A portable vaporizer, sometimes known as a vape pen, is small and portable. When not in use, this little gadget may be tucked away in a pocket or handbag. It’s compact and portable, perfect for fast hits on the run. Because they only store a limited quantity of ground herb, portable dry herb vaporizers are best used alone or in pairs.

Desktop dry herb vaporizers are bigger and need a plug-in power supply. Because it’s bigger and takes up more room, most individuals only use it at home. It carries more ground herb than a portable vaporizer, making it perfect for longer, more relaxed smoking sessions.

Desktop devices often have more complex and powerful technology than portable vape pens. Using a desktop vape instead of a portable vape allows for greater hits and more vapor. The greater size and strong vaping capabilities of desktop vaporizers make them ideal for vaping in a group.

Heating Methods

Dry herb vapes

Dry herb vapes

Dry herb vaporizers work by heating the cannabis flowers in the chamber to create vapor clouds. However, conduction and convection are employed to heat the dry herb in this sort of vaporizer.


Conduction Vaporizers

Conduction heats the dried herb within the vaporizer through direct touch. A conduction vaporizer’s heating chamber generally comprises an open flame heating plate. This vaporizes the cannabis flower.

Conduction dry herb vapes are less costly than convection vapes. Easy to use, they are a favorite among novices. If you want better-tasting vapor, can vape gently without wasting supplies, and can adjust the temperature, a conduction dry herb vaporizer is worth the extra money.

Conduction vaporizers, such as the XMAX Starry Vaporizer, work as mini-ovens, heating your herbs via direct contact throughout the duration of a session. They are often simpler to operate, more consistent, more energy efficient, and less costly than other forms of heaters. They’re ideal for light users who like little sips over huge rips. Conduction vapes, on the other hand, heat your herbs between hits and cause them to lose flavor faster. They aren’t as efficient or delicious as other choices.


Convection Vaporizers

Vaporizers with convection heating employ liquid or gas to transport heat. Every time you use a vaporizer, hot air is pumped over the dried herb. This approach does not burn the cannabis flower.

Convection dry herb vaporizers are preferred over conduction vaporizers. Conduction vaporizers employ direct heat, which might overheat the cannabis flower in the chamber. This might cause a burned flavor and impair the vapor cloud quality. The heating plate might also burn your dry herb between draws, wasting it while your gadget is on but you aren’t vaping.

A convection vaporizer maintains a constant temperature throughout the chamber. The dried herb never burns, therefore there’s no burned flavor while vaping. If you want to take your time between drags, this device is better than a convection vape since it won’t keep burning the cannabis flower. Many convection vaporizers include temperature adjustments to accommodate various cannabis strains.

Convection vaporizers isolate the heat source from the chamber and only heat the air and herbs when you inhale. They’re far more efficient and generate the best vapor on the market. They’re the go-to choice for connoisseur-level experiences, but they’re hard on the battery (for portable solutions) and more pricey.


Hybrid design

Most vaporizers nowadays, like as the Mighty, are hybrids. These vapes prepare the herbs to a lower temperature before heating the entering air to a higher degree to finish it off during your hit. These vaporizers have grown in popularity because they are consistent and simple to use, and they extract everything from your herbs in less time.


Parts & Accessories

Chamber Davinci dry herb vape

Chamber Davinci dry herb vape

Parts of most dry herb vaporizers include:

  • Chambers of ceramic or metal
  • A battery, electric, or butane heater
  • Charging cords with outlets
  • a fine filter
  • A syringe


These components heat the dried herb and create a vape cloud. Some elements of your vaping equipment, such the filter or heating coils, may be changeable. DAVINCI focuses on pure flavor, precise control, and innovation, which you can taste in every characteristic of our goods.


Replacement mouthpieces may be available if yours gets worn, clogged, or broken. If you opt to utilize a dry herb vaporizer, you may also wish to invest in:

  • Casing for a vapor (smell-proof cases are available)
  • A herb miller
  • a loading funnel
  • Herb packing and emptying tool
  • Glass airtight containers for dried herb or AVB (already vaped bud)

Many vapers choose to keep their dry herb vaporizer in an odor-proof container or bag. With a portable vaporizer, you won’t need to carry all of these components with you. In between trips, you may clean and reload your vape, leaving your accessories at home.


Vaping Cannabis Tips

cannabis' flower

cannabis’ flower

A dry herb vaporizer is easy to use. To get the most of each vaping session, bear in mind the following:


It’s vital to ground your dried herb properly before vaping.

Uneven grinding of your cannabis flower can result in uneven cooking when heated, so grind it evenly. More surface area for the heat to touch with a fine grind.

Re-plant the herb:

Stir lightly midway through your session to ensure that all of the dried herb in the chamber is heated. You can do this with a small, thin tool without crushing the herb or knocking it out.

Various temperatures:

Cannabis strains respond well to varied temperatures. It depends on the strain’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Examples of strains that heat better at lower temperatures include high THC/low CBD and high CBD/low THC.

Regularly clean your dry herb vaporizer.

This will help your gadget work better and last longer. Replace any damaged or worn out components (such blocked filters).



Vaping dry marijuana is a simple and convenient method to consume cannabis. It may also let you enjoy cannabis without the bad health impacts of smoking. Use this guide to discover the best dry herb vaporizer for you.