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Portable vaporizers are a good choice for the ones who need a device on-the-go. Maintaining the hygiene of your dry herb vape pen or portable may go a long way toward maintaining its performance at “out of the box” levels. A neglected vaporizer may produce unpleasant flavors from even the finest dry herbs, and the internal components of the vaporizer might get gummed up because of residue build-up, causing the device to work harder than it should.

Keeping your device clean not only saves you money on new vapes, but it also does your material justice by avoiding contaminating the taste with previously sessioned dry herb. It doesn’t take much to maintain your dry herb vaporizer in great working order, so here are a few simple ways to keep your vape running strong, and if you need to improve your cleaning materials, check out our Higher Standards cleaning solutions.

A Quick Spot Clean

Most dry herb vaporizers come with a wire brush or poking instrument. These are your first line of defense against your vaporizer getting so gunky that you need to do a “deep clean.” If you don’t have any on hand, a well-placed toothpick can suffice. After completing a session, use the brush or poking tool to remove any remaining substance or residue. If you don’t want to perform this after every session, a once-a-week check will maintain your gadget in good operating condition.

A Deep Dry Herb Vape Clean

So now that we’ve covered the fast method to maintain your dry herb vaporizer, let’s have a look at what a “deep clean” for one of these devices entails.

Take Apart The Device

To begin a thorough deep clean, you must fully dismantle your dry herb vaporizer. You’ll be dealing with a battery, a mouthpiece, and a heating chamber. Giving each of these areas your full attention will help you maintain performance and become more acquainted with any issue areas that may need further attention during spot cleans or weekly check-ups.

Empty It Out

Empty your dry herb chamber of any loose debris that has accumulated around the heating chamber. Tap the contents gently into an ashtray or use a stash container to preserve the ABV for subsequent preparations. It is important to note that you should not tap your portable dry herb vaporizer over a garbage can, since most portable dry herb vaporizers and pen style devices include a tiny screen in the heating chamber that you do not want to replace.

Brush Your Dry Herb Vape

This will be an exaggerated version of the “spot clean” technique we discussed previously. Even circular heating chambers will have some ledges at the top to catch dry herb debris and caked-on particles. The cleaning brush or poker that comes with your portable vape or pen should be capable of removing any clogged bits from the chamber and screen. When poking holes in the screen, keep in mind that bigger holes may interfere with your sketch. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you use liquid to clean the interior of your dry herb vaporizer’s heating chamber, the wiring may be damaged.

Check Your Mouthpiece

Cleaning the mouthpiece is the last step in getting a clean dry herb vaporizer. Since some individuals don’t pay attention to buildup in this region of their device, this may be the most unexpected step in cleaning your dry herb vape. Dislodge any big bits that may be lingering around with a poker tool, then wipe out the inside of the mouthpiece with a towel. Some mouthpieces can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol and then rinsed with water if you want to go the extra mile but check your manual first to see if this is acceptable.

Battery Inspection

Before reassembling your dry herb vape, ensure sure the battery is residue-free. Ensuring an unobstructed connection between your battery and the heating element results in continuous sessions with no interruptions owing to the element not firing.

Finally, A Clean Dry Herb Vaporizer

Reassemble your dry herb vaporizer after cleaning each component. Your vaporizer should now be in perfect working order, and you can enjoy vaping dry herb with a vaporizer that is as good as new. It’s not difficult to maintain your dry herb vape clean, so give it some attention now and again. Let us know in the comments if you have any cleaning ideas for your dry herb vape, and don’t forget to get up some new cleaning equipment for your next cleaning session!

Benefits of a Dry Herb Vape

dry herb vaporizer arizer solo II

dry herb vaporizer arizer solo II

Dry herb vaporizers are an invention that has completely changed the way that people consume dry herb. You can use a digital dry herb vape to heat the material evenly without any kind of combustion, which makes for an easier and tastier way to enjoy dry herb. Dry herb vaporizers are more versatile than their counterpart, the oil pen because there is no limit on what you can vape in your dry herb vape. We’ve made some reviews on some of the best of the market: Arizer Solo, Pax, Davinci and Airvape X!

Digital Dry Herbs vs. Disposable and Pen

Unlike a battery-powered oil pen, you wouldn’t want to be using a disposable dry herb vape that was made with thin materials and inferior quality. Using a lower quality vape loses its purpose when it comes to getting the most out of your dry herbs. Since you won’t be burning your material in a dry herb vape, you can expect much higher quality results without any type of combustion. A good-quality digital dry herb vaporizer will also not contaminate your material because there is no open flame or burning to create the vapor like in the case of an oil pen battery.

All of this is true if you are just looking for a portable warmer to use at home with your dry herb. However, if you are looking to fully replace your smoking habit, you can use your dry herb vape to mix it up with the freshest marijuana on the market. This way, you are getting the most out of your herb while also creating a healthier alternative for yourself. Since it’s made from digital materials it can maintain its functionality longer than an oil pen would in its natural state.


Have you cleared up your questions about how to clean a vape? I hope this article was helpful to you. Enjoy!