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Heating Time

Heat Up Time

Heating Technology

Heating Tech

Materials Used

  • Glass vapor path
  • Magnesium Alloy chassis
  • Plastic mouthpiece
  • Titanium heating element

Ease of Use

The FireFly 2 comes with 5 default settings for dry herb and one for concentrates that you can later customize with the help of a smartphone app that connects to your device via Bluetooth. The FireFly has a magnetic lid which is easy to take on and off to pack the bowl and it also acts as the upper part of the air path. Instead of buttons the FireFly has multi-functional touch sensors and a led light that indicates the different actions.
  • Incremental Temp Control
  • Display
  • Vibration signal
  • App

Ease of Use



Vapor Production

Best Accessory

The External Battery charger is probably the most note worthy accessory mainly because the FireFly does come with extra batteries but with no way of actually charging them except in the device itself. The external battery charger is sold for $35.

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