herbalizer vaporizer

Are you looking for a premium quality vaporizer or a vaporizer that offers something unique? Well, today’s your lucky day. Let’s introduce the Herbalizer vaporizer.

The Herbie, as it’s commonly known, is a luxurious high-tech desktop vaporizer. Famous for its ability to attain the precise selected temperature. The interface is most intuitive and interactive.

But, wait a minute.

There’s a catch – the Herbalizer is one of the most expensive gadgets in the market. You can expect to cough at least $600. So, what makes the vaporizer cost a fortune? Is it the top of the line just a Hype?

Let’s find out.

A team of ex-NASA engineers designed the Herbie. This indicates how much work was put into developing the vaporizer. You should expect an uplifting, intense experience after each hit. The precise extractions technology elevates vaping to a new level.

herbalizer vaporizer

herbalizer vaporizer

Accessories in the Box

4 Squeeze Valve balloons
Magnetic bowl
2 Aroma pads
2 Spare bowl screens
User manual
3ft Silicone whip
Stash box
Cleaning brush

With all these innovative features on the Herbie, it’s no surprise that the device is costly


  • Dual – Purpose: Vaporization & Aromatherapy
  • Configuration: Celsius & Fahrenheit
  • Precision: +/- 50F temperature control
  • Auto-Shutoff
  • LCD Display (auto-adjusting brightness)
  • Concealed accessory tray
  • Squeeze Valve-Balloon system
  • Magnetic Bowl


Futuristic Design

the Herbie is designed and assembled in the US. It’s the first of its kind in the market. The vaporizer has a clamp shell design. This makes it appear compact desktop that practical. The shell design keeps everything intact. Also, it has concealed apartment where you can store accessories.

The vaporizer vaporizes oils, herbs, and waxes. It’s a well-rounded vaporizer. You won’t have to buy a separate vaporizer for each vaporizing material.

In short, the Herbie possesses futuristic features.


LCD Display Touch Screen

herbalizer vaporizer

herbalizer vaporizer

Another top-notch feature is a touch screen. The display screen features a spectrum of colors. You can view the current temperature inside the chamber, the timer, colorful range depending on the temperature range.

The display screen not only adds a colorful feature but a significant functionality. You can track your temperature and battery level.


the ex-NASA engineers wanted an all-in-one device. A vaporizer that served all you need. And true to their word, they succeeded. The Herbie has dual-functionality:

  • Vaporization mode: the vapor-therapy mode is for vaporizing. You can vape in freestyle or use a whip or a balloon.
  • Aromatherapy mode: for aromatic therapy with essential oils, you can activate the aromatherapy. For the Herbie, it can last between a minute to an hour.

Follow the tips on the user manual on how to use the modes.

Thus, the vaporizer is perfect for those who want freedom. The convenience to vape different contents any time. The Herbie is designed to have two delivery methods for vaping and aromatherapy, respectively. Those means4-different ways of using the Herbie.

Temperature Mode Variability

The Herbalizer vaporizer can heat-up to 4440F in 30 seconds. The inbuilt feature enables precise temperature selection. And the best thing is, you won’t have to remember your preferred temperature. The vaporizer is capable of remembering your previous temperature set.

A 300w halogen energy supports heating variability. A combination of Halogen energy and temperature sensors makes the vaporizer stand out.

There’s a 3-mode temperature range you can choose from. The ranges are categorized with moods.

  • Uplifting mode (Low): 289°F – 329°F. Expect centered peace, alert & stress release.
  • Balance mode (Medium): 329°F – 390°F. Expect euphoric, creative, and sensual. For others, it may trigger feelings of happiness and hunger.
  • Intense Mode (Hot): 390°F – 444°F. Expect relaxing, insightful, and liberating feelings.

The software prevents the vaporizer from overheating. The program controls a tilt sensor. If the vaporizer is accidentally knocked over, the vaporizer automatically shuts down. Besides, the vaporizer has a sleep mode – the vaporizer automatically shuts off if you move away from the Herbie.

Balloon Delivery system

do you want to have the experience of vaping from a traditional balloon bag? Well, you won’t need to buy the classic volcano. The Herbie uses a “squeeze” balloon delivery system. It has a unique designed bag that facilitates vaping.

Using the delivery system gives the balloon bag a slight squeeze, and it will get it ready to inflate. Attach the balloon bag back and let the vaporizer take over. Once the balloon is filled, detach and draw directly from the balloon.

These durable bags can be reused multiple times for about two months.

Vapor Quality

herbalizer vaporizer

herbalizer vaporizer

The vapor from a Herbie is of high quality. This because the vaporizer is built uniquely to use a halogen bulb. Your materials are heated using the convection technique, and they heat up pretty quickly. The combination of heating technique and silicone whip produces a smooth, satisfying vapor.

How to use?

The vaporizer is simple and easy to use: when you open the lid, you’ll see four buttons.

  • Up & down button
  • Aromatherapy button
  • Vapor therapy button
  • Fan button

For aromatherapy, press the aromatherapy button, and the unit’s aromatherapy will activate. Apply the aromatic oil on the liquid pad, then let the Herbalizer diffuse the room’s scent.

For the vapor therapy, open the heating chamber, load your materials, close the chamber when it’s complete, and place it back. The magnetism on the unit will snap the lid back in position. Press the vapor therapy button, select your preferred temperature and let it heat-up.

In about less than 20 seconds, the unit will be ready for drawing.

Pros and cons

·         Precise temperature control

·         Easy and intuitive

·         Uses smart vape technology

·         It’s reliable

·         Expect safety and pure quality vapor

·         Relative expensive

·         The fan is noisy

·         The whip may fall out during a vapor-therapy session

·         Storage lid can loosen up


In the end, you’ll realize the ex-NASA engineers did an impressive job. The Herbie is indeed a futuristic vaporizer. The device is appealing and good-looking. Somewhat expensive, but it’s worth every dime.

From the minute you try desktop vaporizers for your home sessions, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to discover the Herbie.

Share your opinion in the comment section. Let us know your experience with the Herbalizer.