portable vaporizer

A portable vaporizer is a device in which you can inhale vaping fluid. The best portable vaporizer is often called travel vaporizers and they can be carried around wherever one travels. These devices are typically low-profile, so that they can easily fit into the palm of your hand or pocket. You might be wondering why these vaporizers are necessary when one could just smoke cannabis out of a pipe, bowl, or bong?

In this post we’ll explore some of the benefits of using a vape versus other smoking methods for marijuana. But first we’ll have to look at the types of marijuana vaporizers available and figure out what makes them so appealing.

Vaporizers for weed are some of the most fashionable, sleek, and trending pieces of smoking equipment ever made. In the past, when people wanted to smoke marijuana, they had two options, which were rolling it into a joint or smoking it via a pipe or bong. These two methods are still popular today; however, there is now another option for those who enjoy smoking marijuana but do not like tobacco: portable vaporizers.

A vaporizer is a device used to heat up the cannabinoid compounds within cannabis to produce vapor that can be consumed by inhalation.


Benefits of a Portable Vaporizer

portable vaporizer rebel

portable vaporizer rebel

No combustion

If one’s goal is to avoid the combustion of plant matter, a portable vaporizer can be beneficial. While exposed to heat and flame, cannabis will burn and produce toxic, carcinogenic compounds such as carbon monoxide and tar.

The process also causes a great deal of waste. These unwanted by-products are also in the by-products of smoking. It’s no surprise that many people opt to smoke without tobacco to avoid not only the waste but the harmful chemicals as well. Portable vaporizers eliminate all these harmful effects and produce no smoke or fumes while still delivering relief from pain, stress, or nausea when needed.


No smell

Another benefit of using a vaporizer is that there is no smell. Vaporizers do not produce smoke, so you get the same effect of smoking without the stench that comes with it.


No second-hand smoke

Last but certainly not least, portable vaporizers do not cause secondhand smoke. This means that even when you are in a public space like a restaurant or on a bus, you won’t be polluting the air with second-hand smoke – which can cause serious health problems for those around you.

Unlike combustion methods, no toxic byproducts are created during vaporization of plant material and vapor inhalation occurs at room temperature.


Types of Portable Vaporizers

Vaporizers typically fall into two categories: conduction- and convection-based vaporizers. Conduction is a method in which the heating element is in direct contact with the material to be vaporized. Convection, on the other hand, uses hot air to heat material instead of a heating element. These devices have different methods of delivering vapor to the user; however, they are both portable options for those who like to smoke.


Conduction Vaporizer

A conduction vaporizer delivers vapor by using a heating element that directly touches the material being vaped. Conduction units produce flavorful vapor but may require stirring/bumping during use. Examples: Boundless CFX, Storz & Bickel Mighty

Convection Vaporizertypes of portable vaporizers

A convection vaporizer heats the air surrounding the material to be vaped. Pure convection units do not use heat elements. As a result, these types of portable vaporizers require less maintenance and produce a more uniform temperature throughout the chamber. Examples: Firefly 2, DaVinci IQ


Difference between Vaporizer and Vape

It was only a short while ago that the word vaporizer was used interchangeably with ‘vaporizer’. However, they are two different devices that serve different purposes. Most modern-day vaporizers can now be referred to as vapes.

A vaporizer delivers marijuana while a vape is used for tobacco. A vaporizer is a small device that is used to inhale the vapor produced by heating a marijuana product. The word ‘vape’ is also used for the act of smoking or inhaling marijuana.


How to use dry herb portable vaporizer?

dry herb vaporizer mighty

dry herb vaporizer mighty

Step 1: Prepare your cannabis and accessories

To begin, grind up or break down your cannabis (to your preferred consistency) and load a bowl or heat the chamber of your vape device with ground material. Portables vaporizers typically use some form of conduction such as direct contact with the heating element to heat up the cannabis.


Step 2: Start vaporizing

Once you have prepared your chamber and ground material, simply start heating your unit and inhaling from the mouthpiece. Some vapes require no additional preparation, while others may require adjustment depending on the material being vaporized.


Step 3: Switch to a different method of smoking

If you want to switch up from using a portable vaporizer or vape, simply pack another bowl, or top off your heating chamber with more ground material. Some vapes are simple to use: all you do is fill with ground material and vape away.

Other units may require additional prep steps before use such as cleaning in order to avoid clogging the device or removing the screen in order to avoid burning your lips. When switching from a conduction vape to a convection vape, you will need to remove the heating coil and cover the intake hole. Some vapes may require you to disassemble the unit to clean.


Step 4: Smoke with a vaporizer

A portable vaporizer along with your chosen smoking method is all you need. You do not require or use anything else for smoking marijuana. These units are designed to be used as a pen style device. The best way to use one is by holding it in your palm and using it like an actual pipe.

As you can see, vaporizers are an effective alternative to smoking marijuana. While they have been around for years, there is still a lot of misinformation about them.

In fact, a recent study found that only 23% of cannabis users know how to use them properly. Based on this knowledge gap, it’s no surprise that more than 70% of cannabis users say they would consider using a portable vaporizer if using one was easy and convenient.


There you have it! Are you convinced to get yourself a portable vaporizer? Which type is your favorite, conduction or convection? Head to our guide to choose the best weed vaporizer! Happy vaping!